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If you are part of a family affected by Kleefstra syndrome, please complete the three brief sections of the basic contact form below and your information will be added to K.I.D.S. IQ Project’s patient database. This information is extremely critical in terms of advancing the development of potential drugs for Kleefstra syndrome, serving as a resource for better understanding patient population size/dynamics in addition to providing an efficient way to recruit patients into research studies. Details related to the use of patient information can be found in our Privacy Policy and Legal Terms & Conditions. By submitting any information on the form below, you acknowledge that you are authorized to share such information and provide the requested consents.


First Name (KS Patient)

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Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Year of Diagnosis (approximate if precise year not recalled)

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Size of Deletion (e.g. 0.466 Mb) (if applicable and known)

Has the KS Patient Ever Had a Seizure? Provide Age of First Seizure and Type of Seizure (if applicable and known)

Describe any Heart Abnormalities (if applicable)

Has the KS Patient Ever Been Formally Diagnosed (Either by a Specialist or Medical Professional) with Autism Spectrum Disorder? Provide any Additional Relevant Details

Hospital Where Kleefstra Syndrome Was Diagnosed

List Other Family Members with Kleefstra Syndrome (if applicable)

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