Research projects that K.I.D.S. IQ Project funds are focused on the advancement of translational science (drug development). While K.I.D.S. IQ Project may invest in basic research (when appropriate), outcome measures will always be designed with a therapeutic drug treatment path in mind. The immediate goal is to enter human clinical trials for a potential drug in as short a time period as possible. The initial priority is Kleefstra syndrome, but K.I.D.S. IQ Project will also evaluate other ID disorder projects believed to benefit a broad group of ID disorders. See our mission here.

To learn more about current research projects, click here. To review a comprehensive list of current research papers on ID or KS, click here.

When reviewing new research projects, K.I.D.S. IQ Project will evaluate against our key criteria developed in conjunction with our Scientific Advisory Board.

Focus Areas For Funding New Research Projects:

  • Translatability into actual drug development and eventual human trials
  • Speed of execution and ultimate implications for time to market
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Stage of research technology
  • Experience base of principal investigator and/or broader team